英 美
  • 护送
  • 社交陪同
  • 护送者
  • 在护送下



  • 1.

    及物动词的用法:If you escort someone somewhere, you accompany them there, usually in order to make sure that they leave a place or get to their destination. 护送


    I escorted him to the door.


  • 2.

    可数名词的用法:An escort is a person who travels with someone in order to protect or guard them. 护送者


    He arrived with a police escort shortly before half past nine.


  • 3.

    习语的用法:If someone is taken somewhere under escort, they are accompanied by guards, either because they have been arrested or because they need to be protected. 在押送下; 在护送下

  • 4.

    可数名词的用法:An escort is a person who accompanies another person of the opposite sex to a social event. Sometimes people are paid to be escorts. (异性的) 社交陪同


    My sister needed an escort for a company dinner.


  • Security was tight and a large group of bodyguards escorted the Venezuelan President, who said,"I have Italy in my heart."

  • He says American forces often are escorted by an Iraqi convoy, even when traveling to a training site.

  • After being escorted from the snack plant, she re-entered 10 minutes later with a handgun.

  • One by one, the people he knew in prison were escorted into the execution chamber.